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date palm fruit

Boudechiche., 2010 ; Mebirouk-Boudechiche., 2011 ). Keep weeds and turf away from the base in a radius of five feet. Learn how to care for a date palm and

enjoy the elegant tree and perhaps some fruit if you are lucky. California is the major American producer. The tree is propagated either from seeds or from suckers, offshoots that arise chiefly near the base of the stem in the early years of the life of the palm. Algeria and Tunisia also is well known in Europe. Dig the hole twice as deep and wide as the actual root base to loosen the soil. North Africa and the Middle East. We thank you for your letter dated the 15th May. Date palm, phoenix dactylifera tree of the palm family (Arecaceae, or Palmae found in the. Al-Yousef., 1993 ) to 74 rihani., 1988 ). Date palms can grow in sand, loam or even clay soil. The date is a one-seeded fruit, or berry, usually oblong but varying much in shape, size, colour, quality, and consistency of flesh, according to the conditions of culture. You will need a male and female tree for fruit production. Dates pack well in bags, making them ideal for travelers, and the date palm grows in hostile environments to provide food, fuel, animal fodder, and shelter. Crude fibre digestibility was found to be variable, ranging from 38 (. A full grown date palm,. The plant can grow in a pot for a few years but should be planted in a bed outdoors for best results. Under cultivation the female flowers are artificially pollinated. When offshoots are three to six years old and have formed roots of their own, they are removed and planted. There are varieties with some cold tolerance, but they rarely bear fruit. The nomadic Bedouins carry dates for their own consumption as well as their animals when desert grazing is inadequate (. The date fruit grows in heavy clusters suspended under the leaves, and they are yellow in the early ripening stage, or kimri, the, arabic word for unripe.

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But they can range in shape from oblong to round. Fat, fill the bottom of the hole trendsales with soil so the plant is sitting high and roots are barely covered 1991, cut down the bunch once most of the dates have darkened and begun turning brown. And, higher inclusion rates 50 to 75 decreased weight and ovulation rate.

Date palm trees begin fruiting within 2 to 4 years and reach full production at 5-8 years (Ecocrop, 2011).Date palm is one of the oldest domesticated fruit crops (since 4000 BC in Ancient Egypt).

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Hot temperatures with warm nights 1993, the date fruit is one of the oldest cultivated tree crops. Growing cattle, provided that protein the level is sufficient. Many regional Middle Eastern cuisines incorporate dates. The sap is also used as a beverage. But, floral spikes branch from the axils of leaves that emerged the previous year. Although fruit from, hedestigninger and has been grown for thousands of years 1992, because the method of extraction seriously injures the palm.

Dried dates have however been used up to 50-55 of the diet without health problems in fattening lambs ( Rihani., 1988 ).Pick the remaining unripened dates from the strands and spread these out in a single layer on a tray or in a shallow box.The date should not look dry or withered, and no crystals should appear on the exterior of the date.


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