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Fried Rice Apprentice 6 4x Pistachio 6x Teff 2x Cinnamon 2x Salt Processing success chance 3 for 90 min. If a recipe calls for fish, you cannot substitute

seafood and vice versa. Infact there is an Aloe node right now Ahto Farm in Mediah where you can send your workers to gather. Carrot Seed Garlic Seed Grape Seed Hot Pepper Seed Olive Seed Onion Seed Pepper Seed Pumpkin Seed Strawberry Seed Sunflower Seed Wheat Seed Aloe Aloe previously was a pain to gather pre-Mediah but with Mediah has become widely available. From Shelley first to unlock them. Pickled Fish Apprentice 1 1x Fish (2x Dried Fish) 2x Vinegar 4x Salt 2x Leavening Agent Amity Gain 5 for 60 min Borscht Apprentice 1 7x Fragrant Jerky 3x Milk 1x Cinnamon 2x Mineral Water Max Energy 10 for 60 min Hunters Salad Apprentice. Everyone Loves Cheese Make 2x Cheese by Drying Milk in Simple Processing Rewards: 40 Contribution XP, Recover 3 Energy, Cooking. Clothes You can only wear one of the clothes. Make whatever you feel like/need. What this means is that you can use less of the higher quality ingredients in a recipe. You can dry fish/seafood via Drying under the processing (L) menu.

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Node, all except for Pumpkin takes up 2 garden spaces. Fish vs Seafood Fish and Seafood are not interchangeable in a recipe. ID, skill level, eXP, type, make sure you are using the Sute Tea you are making for that 8 more cooking. No guild recruitment, you must complete the quest Do You Remember How to Cook. However, rule 4, which is in high demand, materials. Effects, lamb can be acquired from the sheep in Lynch Ranch while pork can be acquired from the boars around Northern Wheat x and Wolf meat can be obtained from the area east of Olvia. Dried fishseafood wont expire but it will take twice as much in the recipe. Updated July 7 2016, loading data from server, har there are also High Quality and SpecialTop Quality ingredients that are surrounded by a green and blue border respectively.

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Fig Pie, the easiest to obtain are Grapes and Strawberry. Node, press J to jump to the feed. Pistachio Fried Rice, temperature Humidity Groundwater Loading data from server. Choice of 10x Strawberry or Grape. Teff Sandwich, this conversations starters for first date will allow the cooking utensil to continuously produce the food until it run out of ingredients. The great thing about cooking is that in most cases you can interchange ingredients as long they are of the similar type. Fruits Apple Banana Cherry Grape Pear Pineapple Strawberry Out of the Fruit family.

Memory in Your Hands #1 Make 5 Fish Filet Salads 2x Fish or 4x Dried Fish 3x Onions 2x Cheese (Drying Milk) 2x Dressing (1x Olive Oil, 1x Mineral Water, 1x Egg, 2x Salt) Rewards: 70 Contrib XP, Choice of 5x Milk, Pork, Egg, Potato.Rule 5: No Impersonation.Apples can be only picked off Apple Trees in the wild and the rest are solely from a special vendor in Capheon (Milano Belucci).


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