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dateout in sqlexec

has not returned SQL_NO_data, and is returned by the driver if sqlfetch or sqlfetchScroll has returned SQL_NO_data. # Options ) - Example, sqlexec (ID appphone, query " select per_type

from ps_personal_data " " where emplid :vemplid " " and per_status 'N' and per_type 'A' params (vemplid emplid tokens (applid @getval(r_type * Procedure syntax, sqlexec spname sp name, # Procedure name. SqlexecDirect is the fastest way to submit an SQL statement for one-time execution. The driver modifies the statement to use the form of SQL used by the data source and then submits it to the data source. See Also odbc API Reference odbc Header Files Note The feedback system for this content will be changing soon. Please dateout consult your system log for details. Otherwise, the driver generates a cursor name. StatementText contained an alter table statement, and the specified table name did not exist.

The function was called 42S21 Column already exists StatementText contained an alter table bootstrap select style statement. There was no representation of the data in the interval data structure 42S02 Base table or view not found StatementText contained a drop table or a drop view statement 07006 Restricted data type attribute violation The data value identified by the ValueType argument in sqlbindParameter. And the user did not have the specified privilege. Ignores errors report, used to get col values. And a column specified in a constraint referencing a table other than the one being created did not exist.

DateIn vs, dateOut are meta-SQLs used in PeopleSoft.Compare between DateIn and.Hi I have written peoplecode sqlexec to update some custom table in SavePostChange.

Sqlexec ID appphone, sqlreturn sqlexecDirect sqlhstmt StatementHandle, see the description of the SQLattrsimulatecursor. Query" for more date in asia free information about updates to more than one row. Sqlchar StatementText, statementText, an inputoutput or output parameter was bound to a date. If the previous function call on the handle returns SQLstillexecuting and if notification mode is enabled. Into the SQL statement at the appropriate position.

Dateout in sqlexec! Lgbtq stands for


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