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fun things to do date night at home

your at the store, light some candles in the bathroom and relax together. Video record yourselves talking together about how you first met, special memories you have through the

years, what you find attractive about the other one, etc (more topic ideas here ). When shes not writing or working, she's happily doting over her husband of twelve years, Keith (and sometimes manages to do all three simultaneously). Were just in the phase of life where we need an arsenal of LOW energy / high connecting dates. Start by dating til salg playing a soap opera on youtube in a language you dont understand (example below). Camp out in the living room. Massages, get some oils and help rub out some of the knots your kids give you! This one could require as much or as little prep time as you want. Maybe its because my love language is quality time, maybe its because I love talking about myself or maybe its because I love 70s leisure suits- whatever the reason I love the newlywed game. Via: Imgur Learn a new skill together on youtube. Old kung fu movies work great for this too. Rich schools me on this one. If you are couch-dating on a special occasion like Valentines Day or an anniversary or you just want to fill each others love tanks, try answering some sappy questions to each other either out loud or on paper. Write down the things you want to do personally and as a couple and make plans to start on the list. Once the kiddos are in bed, you can try out some of these any night of the week! We actually own the card game, but if you dont, no biggie. Try dinner and a moviewith a twist. Photo by Shutterstock, were guessing you havent done either since your early dating days, if ever. Clearly I have a sweet tooth, but if you wanted to go more boring non-sweet you could go with pizza, pretzels, soda, cereal, anything! You play by selecting a song you know well on youtube, then putting in headphones so only you can hear (big sound-blocking headphones work best then you are blindfolded. Plan your next vacation, maybe youve been talking about going sugar daddy lifetime wiki somewhere for a while or havent taken a vacation. We like Speed, Spit, Egyptian Ratscrew, and SlapJack. Take personality tests and compare results. DIY decor project, crank up the tunes and get to work. Facebook, pinterest, twitter email, stumbleUpon, because most stay at home date ideas still require too much energy, here are 27 at home dates you can do from your couch. Because most stay-at-home date night post ideas Ive seen online still require. photo by Getty/ The Nest Reconnect between the sheets. What have been your more successful ones? . Work on a puzzle together. Talk to each other. Talk about things you like, things you dont want. Im terrible at karaoke, so this works perfect for me since I cant see anyones reactions or hear myself sing! You might think you know a lot about your spouse but its the small decisions that could help you get to know him/her better. . Fill it in with candid pics and cute"s. Dress up fancy, pull out the fanciest clothes you own (if you can fit into your tux or prom dress, way to go!) and have dinner or dessert together. Whether its a parenting or marriage book or a great work of fiction, find something you can get excited about reading together.

Would you rather have unlimited sushi for life or unlimited tacos for life. Weve lost the art of a good make out session since weve been married. Our favorite is Xbox Kinect Sports.

The concept of the at-home date is simple: if you can t go ou t on the.Do things that are just for fun, or create a new piece of décor for your.

Fun things to do date night at home

Ice cream, this one could be as high energy or low energy as you want. Root beer, throw in a friendly wager and see fun things to do date night at home who can score the most points. Heres a little guide that might help. Have a taste test night, vDay and all you need for this date is a blanket. The options are endless, the winner gets a foot massage. Take turns playing the songs, bottle of wine or thermos of coffee and each other. Cheese, find a bakery and try their most popular pastry or dessert. Relaxing on the bed and reading out loud can be a fun way to hang out and the best part is you can talk about the book as you go along.


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