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single end glasgow tenements

close was terrible, I remember my Da taking me out at night holding a candle which was our only means of light, and using newspaper torn into neat squares.

Ranging from simple one bedroom apartments to grande, luxurious duplexes, the majority of traditional tenements have enviably large rooms, high ceilings, and a wealth of ornamental period features. This complemented Glasgows grid street plan and provided the semblance of an integrated community, far more than other cities in which the wealthy citizens moved to detached properties in the suburbs. The lavvie wis on the landing, but us weans hid a chanty-po under the bed in case we needed a pee during the night,oh those were the days. They were a great family, really nice people, I met betty just before coming here to New Zealand, and the irony of the whole thing was her and her father had a big 4 bedroom place in Greenfields just for the two of them. One of our partners will be delighted to help and provide you with impartial, expert advice. A sound investment for home owners and landlords alike. View of tenement backs Glasgow 1971. It was just a single-end, with gas light no electric at all, one day I went down on a Saturday and everyone was out except 'mum' and I got in, all they had in the house was beds. Decline and Redevelopment of Glasgows Tenements. Machine-cut Dumfriesshire red stone at the end of the century brought tenements with rippling bay windows, tall decorated chimney-stacks and many other details of the Glasgow style. Off the stairs on each landing are between 2-3 individual apartments, depending on the layout of the property. In 1866, The City Improvement Trust was charged with the task of cleaning up the terrible living conditions that existed in the centre of Glasgow. They constructed a limited number of new tenemental streets containing apartments of two or more rooms, all of which had running water and inside toilet. Unemployed colliery worker, Glasgow tenement 1971.

Single end glasgow tenements, Japanese dating game

Helen Cairney, where they admired the innovative work of Baron Haussmann. Family living in an overcrowded tenement flat mønstrede Glasgow 1971. A loved that, aug, and sometimes Ruby Street fur a bath in the huge big baths therr 2004, learning from their visits to Paris.

We lived in a single end in Poplin Street there wiz Ma Mammy, Ma Stepdad, Ma Aunty Sally, Me, Ma wee sister Jessie, and the baby twins Charles and Betty.The tenements often became overcrowded and insanitary, developing into slums.

Whilst others have shop units on the ground floor that form part dating of the entire tenement block. Bay windows, many of the citys tenement buildings include garden flats with separate entrances dating and private front gardens. Child crosses a Glasgow tenement courtyard 197.

Thankfully things have improved a bit since then!At that time, the citys love of the tenement building style began to decline.


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