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thai new year 2018

Thai adopted January 1st as the official New Year, however the Songkran Festival, the traditional New Year celebration, with dates based on the fluctuating solar calendar, continues to be

a huge part of the Thai culture and Buddhist tradition. Enjoy an interesting day full of activities. Din so pong is not allowed, and everyone is checked by the security guards at the entrance. You can have a view of the party from above at the BTS skywalk, but dont expect to stay dry. Rama 9 MRT and taxi. 5 km of roads cordoned off with fire trucks at intersections adding bursts of water from their hoses adding to the water of the crowds milder water guns. During Songkran getting soaking wet is the norm throughout Bangkok. Keep smiling if you have any questions, I will be more than happy to help you out. Avoid motorbikes if you can people will through buckets of water into the face of drivers. . Do I still enjoy it, will see? Nice but when wet it goes see through Try to hide and splash without being seen, VDO games mood Stay vigilant pickpockets gang on the loose In some more quiet places, you can ask or show you dont want to get wet, and most. Visit your Ormeus Global Back Office now to reserve your package. Everyone is fair game youll even see people (Thais) soaking police officers (not recommended if you are a visitor). Songkran was the New Years Day until 1888, its only in 1940 the first of January was adopted. The origins of Songkran date back hundreds of years and the Buddhist traditions remain practiced today. Be safe, there is a lot of drinking going on and deaths from drinking and driving are at highs during Songkran. . The ancient visited the temples and provided food to the monks. The more religious Thai will engage themselves in other Buddhist ceremonies and merit-making activities throughout the holidays. Phra Pradaeng is a very Thai Songkran festival I really enjoyed and will be there again next year. With less than a month away you must make your meeting reservations today. So celebrated is Songkran that most banks, office buildings and family businesses and shops will close completely. Happy screams of Sawasdee pee mai and Suksan wan Songkran (Happy New Year and Happy Songkran Day) fill the air in Thailand. Only wear clothes youd be ok with if they got ruined. The Wildest crowd, water fights no stop, crazy but everybody has fun. Enjoying yourself and having fun is a huge tradition among Thai culture. This is a time for celebration, enjoy. It will take place Mon. Thai perform the traditional ritual called, the Rod Nam Dum Hua, young people gently pour a bowl of perfumed water into the palms or shoulders of the elders and ask their blessing.

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Its also the Thai new year and the National Elderly Day. The Thai New Year is April 13th with the celebratory water festival continuing April 14th and 15th and fully enjoyed in Bangkok. Cars, thailand thai new year 2018 2018 at the beautiful impact arena.

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Take a taxi from Taksin BTS station. Din so pong, the origin is plus from the ancient Indian. Beauty pageants and cultural shows are also enjoyed. Other activities such as parades, from April 13th15th this huge National celebration. There are tents and stalls set up to sell food. In Bangkok both Khao San Road and Silom are where you can experience water blast activities to the fullest. Will take place on the 4th of April. You will have fun until very late. Industry Experts and Influencers, buddhist holiday, thai people put it on their faces during Songkran is a natural talc white powder mixed with water which was used by monks to mark blessing. Beer and even water guns to the crowds.


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