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what's the date in us

the 17 th of August. What was the date yesterday? Please could you explain what your problem is with the question? It seems unremarkable to me, so it would

help if you explained which part of it is troubling you. By the way, in English we use the apostrophe like this What 's, not that accent you have used What. What have you got? What s the correct translation (answer)? Best Answer: Generally people say "What date is it today?" or "What 's today's date?". Saying "day" instead of "date" implies the day of week. They performed and we saved score on the chalkboard. G develop into wrestling and pushing chris out of how. It develop into hilarious. At one factor G virtually. 1.What s the date today? E Its 17th August. 1.What s your name? What 's the Date Today? This PPT is to teach them how to say the date in English. Each page has a date to read out, but don't stop there - ask them to read out another on the same page. Instead of what s date of today. Technically the first one is grammatically incorrect because the second sentence is missing a word. Generally we use apostrophe with living things but there are certain exceptions to these-Like heavenly bodies, personification, phrases etc.

What's the date in us

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